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At Genuine Parts Credit Union, we offer many different types of accounts, suiting needs of all different kinds. Check out some of what we offer below:

Share / Saving Accounts

Saving is not hard when you deposit a set amount each payday into a share-savings account.  Deposits can be made by payroll deduction, in person or by mail, whichever is convenient for you.  It does not take long for your account to grow, because the credit union pays good dividends.

Dividend Earnings vary based on your account balance.  Dividends are currently paid on shares over $50.00, calculated on a daily basis and paid quarterly.  Savings are insured to $75,000.00 per member account by the National Credit Union Administration.

CU KNOW HOW TO SAVE is the newest savings account now available at GPCU.  It is designed for existing share account members to have a separate account to save for any special purpose they like.  Call it your save for a vacation account, my new car account, a down payment on a house account or any other special purpose account you like.  Visit the Forms link today for a CU KNOW HOW TO SAVE account application.

The CU KNOW HOW TO SAVE account pays the same high interest rate as your regular share account and is the same as the regular share account in every way except that it is funded through direct deposit instead of payroll deduction.  Complete details for direct deposit can be found on the CU KNOW HOW TO SAVE application which can be found under the Forms link.  Start saving for that something special today.

The maximum deposit per calendar quarter, including direct deposit and payroll deductions, is $5,000.00 for all share accounts combined.  The maximum total account balance is $75,000.00 for all share accounts combined.



Low cost loans are one of the great benefits of credit union membership. Whether you are financing a car, need moving expenses, paying for a college education, consolidating bills or simply need a vacation, you will find low rates, affordable payments and personal service at Genuine Parts Credit Union.

  • Personal Loans –   We offer personal loans up to $1,500.00, these loans are payroll deducted. Personal loans are processed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s of each week.  Terms up to 36 months.
  • Motorcycle Loans – We finance new and used motorcycles up to 48 months. Please visit our RATES page for current rates.
  • Stock Secured Loans – You may use your GPC stock to secure a loan, you may borrow up to 80.00% of your stock value.  GPC will hold stock certificate for the term of the loan.  Please contact us for rates.
  • Share Secured Loans – You can secure a loan with your GPCU savings account.  Please contact us for rates.
  • New And Used Auto Loans – Enjoy the convenience of payroll deduction on your next automobile loan. Please visit our RATES page for our current rates.

Loans, rates and other services as above.

Share Draft (Checking)

Our Share Draft Checking Accounts give you all the features you want in a checking account, without the fees and hassles you’ll find at other financial institutions.

  • Visa Debit Cards Are Now Available
  • Reorder Checks From Our Website
  • Joint Checking Accounts Are Now Available
  • Overdraft Protection From Your GPCU Savings Account

Checking Features

    • No Fee With Direct Deposit
    • No Per Check Charges
    • No Minimum Balance Requirements
    • Funds Insured up to $75,000.00
    • Overdraft Protection
    • Duplicate Drafts of Checks
    • Direct Deposit
    • Payroll Deduction

Several Checking Account Plans

  • DIRECT DEPOSIT CHECKING – No Monthly Service Charge, No Minimum Balance, Unlimited Check Writing
  • REGULAR CHECKING  – Monthly Service Charge of $5.00, No Minimum Balance, Unlimited Check Writing
  • SECOND CHANCE CHECKING  – Must Have Direct Deposit, No Joint Signer, No Personal Checks for Deposit, Monthly Service  Charge $10.00
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT – You can arrange to have your paycheck deposited into your GPCU Checking Account! Eliminate the possibility of losing your check and avoid the need to stand in line to make your deposit.